I am Sara Khong, a food writer and author of two cookbooks: ‘Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes’ and ‘One Pot Wonders’. I mainly cook, write, develop recipes and conduct cooking demonstrations.

I am also a food enthusiast who style, photographs, illustrates, reads and gives talk on food. I style and photograph the food that you see in this website, drew this illustration for one of my cookbooks, and these are some of my favourite books on food.

I received a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of London; but instead of researching on case law I decided to research on delicious cuisine. I’ve obtained a certification from HarvardX on Science & Cooking, in which I learned the science behind cooking.

To expand horizon in the culinary arts, I travel the world to dine at restaurants, discover local street food and attend local cooking class. I’ve obtained certification at Le Cordon Bleu London on Modern & Classic Sauce, and Le Cordon Bleu Thailand on Thai Cuisine Workshop: Curry, paste & sauces, and Beijing Cooking School.

At New Malaysian Kitchen, I record and enhance traditional recipes using science and modern appliances. Please enjoy my tried and tested recipes – dishes I cook for myself, my family and friends.




Eat traditionally

I believe that eating healthy is eating traditionally. That means eating like our grandmother: home-cooked food that includes a variety of real food such as vegetables, grains, seafood, meat, bone broth, and fermented food.

Use fresh & local ingredients

I use fresh and local ingredients in my cooking as much as I can. However, for convenience, I occasionally include packaged and canned food. Cooking using a combination of fresh and packaged ingredient is better than eating out.

Use natural seasonings

Food should not only be delicious, but nutritious too. I flavour my food with natural seasonings like sea salt, honey, herbs, and spices. For the tasty umami flavour, I use homemade stock and add glutamate-rich fresh produce such as dried shrimps, mushrooms, and tomato. I do use chicken stock granules, but rarely and in small quantity.

Utilise kitchen appliances & tools

I use cooking gadgets to make cooking easier and faster. For example, I mince onions in a small manual chopper, and make chilli pastes in my blender. Investing in the right equipment makes cooking much more convenient.

Cook whenever possible

The demands of modern life makes it very difficult to cook daily. When I’m busy, I make simple food such as baked salmon and roast vegetables in the oven, or cook freezer-friendly meals in a batch.


I encourage you to cook, even if it’s just once a week. It’s good for your health & soul!