Caul Fat (Chu Mong Yau/ 猪网油)

Caul Fat (Chu Mong Yau/ 猪网油)

Caul fat is a thin membrane that surround the stomach of animals like cows and pigs. It’s normally used as casing for sausages.

Other names

  • English name: Caul fat
  • Chinese name: Chu Mong Yau (猪网油)

Where to buy

Caul fat is not easily available as it is not a popular ingredient. As far as I know, it’s not available at supermarkets. You will need to get it from a wet market or a pork speciality store.

Even so, do order it in advance from your butcher; it may not be available due to it not being a popular ingredient. I always have trouble getting this ingredient on the same day, so I’ve learned my lesson to get it ahead of time.


Can be kept in the freezer for a long time.


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