How is sea salt better than regular table salt?

How is sea salt better than regular table salt?

Q: How is sea salt different from regular salt? Why does celebrity Chef like Jamie Oliver always recommends sea salt?


Many chef values quality ingredients and is picky about the produce that they use to cook. Table salt is not recommended as it has chemical aftertaste and strong salty flavour. Whereas sea salt is milder and tastes better.

French Sea Salt
French Sea Salt


Sea salt is a generic term for unrefined or minimally refined salt. It contains trace minerals found in seawater such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and iodine. As a result, it has pure flavour that carries a hint of the ocean.

Sea salt is less salty than table salt. If you are substituting sea salt with table salt, you may want to add a little less.


The kind of inexpensive salt that we can get for less than RM 1 per packet from the supermarket is called ‘table salt’. It is highly refined, and is at least 95% and up to 99% pure sodium chloride (NaCL). During the refining process, all minerals are removed.

Table salt may also contain these additives like anti-caking agent (to prevent grains from sticking together).


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